So many of you know that Im a big thrifter, with that being said shopping during the week at thrift stores is the best. During the week people are to busy in their day to day lives to think of going thrifting. That is your biggest advantage, besides there won’t be people around you invading your space as you zone in and find unique treasure pieces. As I go thrifting I don’t necessarily have an idea of what Im looking for. I like to go thrifting, 1) It’s a big stress reliever for me, 2) It makes me happy, and 3) It’s good for the environment (recycle).

The first thing I do as I walk in at a Goodwill or any local thrift stores. I go straight to the dress rack, I don’t know what it is even though I’m not a big dress girl but I love to find unique dresses, jumpsuit or even pants suits. I love that fact that you can always make those pieces your own. I love pant suits not only do they look good for work but I love to wear the blazer and the pants separate. You can really make different outfits with just the blazer dressing it up or even just wearing it casual. A white T-shirt and throwing your blazer over with a pair of your favorite jeans. It’s really exciting to know when you find something that fits well and you can create different outfits for certain occasions it’s so thrilling. I hope with all my food and thrifting finds, that you will get inspired and enjoy the new food spots in Az.

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